The club has 6 squads; Water Dragons, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Masters and County link. The natural entry into the club is via the Pembrokeshire Leisure Learn to Swim Programme. Swimmers have to complete Wave 6 and can then do a 4 week free trial. Progression through the squads is based on a combination of qualifying times, training ability, aptitude, availability and coaches discretion.

Squad Ratings List

Club Short Course PB List

Club Long Course PB List


Water Dragons (27 swimmers)

Working towards stage 7/8/9

Cai Jones          Ella Howell                   

Iori Evans          Emily Moseley

Cai Johnson     Chloe John

Martha Lee       William Pugh

Annabel John   

Cory Shelmerdine         

Indya Lysight-Jones

Hannah Clifford 

Elijah Adams     Florence Buckley

James Harris    

Stephanie Voyle

Phillip Twynam  

Imogen Gray     Zoe Gray

Rebekah John   Andrea Stringer

Gracie Howlin    Lexi Prime

George Prime    Ffion Vance

Orla Maulio-Martino

Lowys Maulio-Martino

Bronze Squad (22 swimmers)

Working towards West Wales QT

Leon Twynam        Ben Morgan

Aneurin Lee           Sophie Moseley

Carys Thompson  Keira Bruce

Amelie Hounsell   Skye Bruce

Alice Oliver           Aria Evans

Molly Jones          Fleur Lord

Dylan Lee             James Townsend

Keira Montague    Rosie Oliver

Freya Thompson  Cerys Griffths

Malachi Lysight- Jones

Toby Harris           Ben Evans

Julia Ostrowsky

Silver Squad (7 swimmers)

Working towards West Wales & Welsh QT

Holly- Jane Callen  Leah Carroll

Jack Morgan         

Abigail Thomas      Abigail Hillary

Mason Montague  Daniel Twynam

Sophie Moseley (link Friday)

Carys Thompson (link Friday)

Gold Squad (7 Swimmers)

Working towards Welsh/British QT

Daniel Thomas         Arno Turner

Charlie Shiels           Arron Fitzsimmimons

Benjamin Hillary       Lewis Kettle

Georgia Lee

Masters (8 Swimmers)

General fitness sessions

David Thompson       Ann Bunker

Francis Bunker          Conner James

Wayne Callen            Lee Thompson

Julian Orchard          Ella Townsend

County link (2 swimmers)

Mason Montague
Amelia Hounsell
Skye Bruce
Malachi Lysight-Jones


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